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Jamie Markley, David van Camp and Scott Robbins are bringing their laid-back banter about all of the hottest headlines from across the country.



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Whether it is political chatter coming from Washington or the latest case of “Florida Man”, MVR will make sure you are aware of what’s going on — and their unique takes on every topic.

MVCR Podcast Unveils Barr-Busting Comedy Bonanza!

Join us for laughs, controversy, and more absurdity than a Bill Barr press conference! From classified documents to Judge dismissals. Tune in now! #MVCRPodcast #ListenNow #PodcastLaughs

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MVCR Podcast: Obama’s Ex-Spokeswoman and AT&T’s Texts

MVCR Podcast! Former Obama spokeswoman says Biden should go, and nearly all AT&T customers' secrets spill out faster than a sitcom punchline! Tune in for laughs, insights,...

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Chillin’ with MVCR: Biden’s Donation Woes & Frozen Aunt Finances

Today's topics: Biden campaign's donation panic and the chilling possibility of your rich, cryogenically-frozen aunt managing her finances from beyond the grave. Stay weird, stay tuned!

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Clooney vs. Biden: Political Shenanigans & Beats by Jill!

Ready for your dose of laughter? Tune in to MVCR Podcast where we've got George Clooney trying to reshuffle the political deck and Jill Biden dropping beats like...

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Presidential Checkups and White House Whimsy

Join us on MVCR podcast as we dive into everything from White House antics to annual physicals! Let's get this podcast party started! #MVCR #PodcastLaughs

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