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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | September 17, 2021

M&R have been looking forward to Friday all week long. As we watch the border crisis get more out of control, the Biden administration actively tries to prevent accurate coverage by the media. The need for vaccine boosters is being determined, but we are seeing more cases of break through cases, and still no addressing of natural immunities. Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago felt their time was wasted investigating the claims of Nicki Minaj, and they sounded off about it. An Ohio mayor told the school board they were guilty of child pornography, and demanded resignignations or they would face charges. American Airlines removed an asthmatic toddler from a flight, while the child can be heard struggling to breathe in video from the flight. Bill Maher interviewed Jimmy Kimmel, and Maher demonstrates why he may be liberals’ voice of common sense. We were told that Americans that wanted to leave Afghanistan would be evacuated, and Ned Price tries to explain why there are still Americans there that want out. General Mark Milley is said to have communicated with China in a very treasonous way, and the general sloughed off the accusations, calling those types of calls “routine.” A Friday Five to honor National Women’s Friendship Day — Best Women Bands.