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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | October 5, 2021

MVC&R along with CNBC wanted Dr. Anthony Fauci to say just how rare the “breakthrough infections” are, as we find out China was ordering boatloads of PCR tests back in May of 2019. The White House suggests not dumbing things down, followed by dumbing down by The White House. Left-wing activists harass Senator Kyrsten Sinema on a flight, as well as at the airport. A lotto player says he would buy a whole lot of cocaine if he won, and Mark Zuckerberg lost about $7 billion from Facebook’s Monday crash. Francis Collins will be stepping down as director of the National Institutes of Health, and the DOJ will in fact be going after parents who show up at local school board meetings. Penn State plans to “reimagine” kindergarten through the 12th grade, and “antiracism” will be leading the way. The California mask mandates were not all that effective, and teens are being trained as 18-wheeler drivers amid the driver shortage.