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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | October 1, 2021

MVC&R believe parents are the primary stakeholders in public schools, but the Education Secretary disagrees. The Secretary believes parents getting involved in schools are just mad that Trump lost the election, and the DHS announced new guidelines in regards to arrests of illegals based on their status. More than 180 Minnesota health care workers file a lawsuit against vaccine mandates, and an insecure man-baby is mad that Krysten Sinema is getting so much attention. LinkedIn is censoring Americans to help China, and Morgan Wallen is officially banned from attending the CMAs. Teachers in New York file an emergency plea to stop the vaccine mandate, and a UCLA professor is suspended and labeled a racist, because he refused to grade black students more leniently. Soldiers filed a lawsuit against the vaccine mandate, seeking exemption for “natural immunity.” Ryan Fujitani has the latest scoop in the cinema world, and the three celebrate the great throuples with The Friday Five — Greatest Trios.