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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 9, 2022

The Boys didn’t bet on the winner of the Kentucky Derby, but it was the second-biggest upset in the history of the race. A pro-life group attacked with graffiti in Wisconsin, and a child therapist claims we are in crisis mode. Former Attorney General Bill Barr slammed the Biden administration for its response to the SCOTUS draft leak, and Jake Tapper regurgitates talking points with the governor of Mississippi. President Vladimir Putin commemorates “Victory Day” with a nuclear-themed rally, and a Hollywood lawyer paid off over $2-million of Hunter Biden’s taxes. Will Smith’s movie “Emancipation” has been pushed to 2023 post-slap, while a leftist reporter was arrested for vandalizing synagogues, and trying to burn down a mosque. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is saying the SCOTUS “slapped women in the face”, and Afghanistan’s Taliban order women to cover up from head to toe.