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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | May 21, 2021

MVC&R and the country are seeing a wave of “textbook anti-Semitism” amid Israel-Gaza tensions, while an armed citizen confronts a group of people harassing, and threatening a Jewish family. Rep. Ilhan Omar is saying the ceasefire is not enough, and demands “accountability for every war crime committed.” President Joe Biden starts yelling during a speech, and Lori Lightfoot claims her racist policy is good for diversity. CNN’s Chris Cuomo issued an apology-esque statement during his show, saying his family comes first, and his job comes second. The vaccine lottery is actually working, and the CDC tells people to stop snuggling with chickens. Video captures a hero cop single-handedly lift a car off a woman to save her life, and a quick-thinking girl slimed a guy who tried to kidnap her, which lead to his arrest. Men care about looks four times more than women, and Google’s new AI tool can help diagnose skin ailments. Ryan Fujitani has movie news that has Van Camp excited, and for all the crying going on lately, The Friday Five — Cry Songs Edition.