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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 15, 2021

MVC&R can actually hear President Joe Biden’s brain come to a complete halt, when asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin. An Australian author talks about the Wuhan lab, and Jon Stewart agrees, we all know the coranavirus came out of that lab. A Houston TV reporter casually mentions she has been secretly recording meetings for Project Veritas, while Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame absolutely demolishes Mark Zuckerberg. A Sky News report is out about the bats, and Brian Stelter took his alarm over a garter snake to Twitter. Troll extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen issued a massive apology for her trolling past, and a New Zealand chapter for Greta Thunberg disbanded for being racist. A North Korean defector attended an Ivy League school, and now says even North Korea was “not this nuts.” Buckhead wants a divorce from Atlanta, and there is an enormous Girl Scout cookie surplus.