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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 14, 2021

The Boys are reunited, just like the world leaders at the G7 Summit. A confused President Joe Biden rambled about Russia, and a Biden official delivered perfect McGurkin when talking about the lab leak. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to correct President Biden, and former Sec. Mike Pompeo says there is “tons of evidence” that COVID came out of the Wuhan lab. NATO is to brand China a security risk despite cries of “slander,” and Speaker Nancy Pelosi denies the rebuking of Rep. Ilhan Omar. There’s another terrible vaccine song, and the COVID Czar says Americans were too selfish during the pandemic. Christopher Sign, the Alabama reporter who broke the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting story, supposedly committed suicide over the weekend. The FAA updated it’s guidelines as the American obesity crisis grows, and monthly inflation once again exceeds economists expectations. A Texas newspaper refuses to print the description of a suspect in a weekend shooting, and Baltimore businesses are threatening to withhold tax payments amid violence.