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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 11, 2021

M&R will welcome VC back on Monday. Vice President Kamala Harris is not welcoming to those that question her on the border, and she snapped at a Univision reporter for having the nerve. Some have floated the idea that Vice President Harris has been set up for failure, and First Lady “Dr.” Jill Biden has been very hands-on with her husband’s presidency. Alisyn Camerota doesn’t mince words with the disgraced Jeffrey Toobin, and he’s on his apology tour trying to explain the circumstances. Rep. Ilhan Omar dispensed her latest issue of inflammatory and hateful remarks, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib believes criticizing her is the same as muzzling her. Oklahoma Senator James Lankford asked HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra to clarify the language used to describe mothers, since the term “birthing people” has been adopted by the Biden administration. With race in the forefront of many discussions these days, the military can serve as an example of a culture of inclusivity. Ryan Fujitani checks in from Rotten Tomatoes to discuss “In The Heights,” and Jamie and Scott were feeling the 80’s nostalgia with The Friday Five — Greatest 80’s Artists.