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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 19, 2021

The Boys will welcome Markley back on Tuesday, and hopefully he will have had time to collect himself. Misinformation is people’s biggest concern, and not Big Brother, but this is all according to Big Brother. Most of the mainstream media wants to convince you that Fox is literally killing people, and five of the fleeing Texas democrats have COVID. The White House says if you’re banned from one platform, you should be banned from all platforms. President Joe Biden claims Facebook is killing people, and Facebook says he’s just upset because he failed to meet the vaccine goal. A woman tracks down the guy who stole her car, and drags him to the cops by his dreads. Democrats are resorting to fan fiction to hype up January 6th, and Martha Raddatz confronts a Los Angeles health official. Brian Stelter’s career was murdered on his own show, and the city of Anaheim shut down a pro-Trump event. Oreo now has discreet packaging so you can hide them from the kids, and everyone is excited about Eggo’s new emoji waffles.