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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 16, 2021

VC&R hope for the best for M, and look forward to his return next week. Los Angeles County is putting the mask mandate back in place, and “communism is a failed system” according to President Joe Biden. Campus Reform finds out why college kids can’t understand why oppressed people fly the American flag, and one of the fleeing Texas democrats highlights her underwear. A New York lawmaker who wanted Cuomo to resign gets mad when asked about it, and Netflix has aspirations to become the “Netflix of Video Games.” The National Security bro says Republicans are a greater threat than Al-Qaeda or ISIS, and the security footage of Richard Sherman was released. Winning Olympic athletes will place their medals around their own necks, and Denver is bringing on a civilian force to break up homeless camps. The federal government is telling Facebook to crack down on unapproved speech, and the Facebook Oversight Chief claims, “Free speech isn’t a universal right.” Ryan Fujitani from Rotten Tomatoes has the lowdown for your weekend entertainment, and an out-of-this-world Friday Five — Planets and the Moon Songs.