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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 12, 2021

MVC&R are monitoring the protests as Cubans take to the streets, and the World Health Organization is working on a “digital wallet” to store vaccine certification. Vice President Kamala Harris says it’s “almost impossible” for rural people to make copies of their drivers licenses, and Brian Stelter says space flight is “immoral.” MSNBC pretends they don’t know who Michael Avenatti is, while Conor McGregor makes classless comments after injuring his leg, and losing to Dustin Poirier. Bankers are begging their employers for transfers from New York to Florida, and the White House has nothing to say about the obvious money laundering scam, in which Hunter Biden is involved. A man found 160 bowling balls under his house, and jewelry made out of human teeth is now something you can buy. Drinking a lot of coffee may help you fight off the coronavirus, and Steven Seagal opened for a Sammy Hagar concert for $1000.